Android emulator for windows 10

Android emulator for windows 10

Android has become one of the most used and sought after tools in the world, because they give us security, but at the same time we have a lot of functions that other operating systems do not have. Many people look to this operating system for their computers or to be able to manage their Android smartphone from the computer, however this is not yet possible without a very special tool, the Android emulator for windows 10.

These tools allow us to run an Android operating system in our computer, being able to download any application from the PlayStore, play the games we have on our smartphone, among a variety of other things. For that reason, we have brought a list with the best Android emulators for PC.

6 Android emulator for windows 10

1-. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is the Android for Windows emulator par excellence. It runs a version of Android 4.4.2 and is one of the most stable emulators known. Also it is more oriented to gaming and allows streaming on Twitch, but we can install any application that we want, that will work equally well. It is completely free. Although it also has a paid version for those who want to remove the ads that appear from time to time while we use the emulator.

2-. Nox Player

One of the advantages of Nox over other emulators like BlueStacks is that it loads much faster. In addition to the detail that is free and does not include any ads. It also has compatibility problems with some games, but this is something that we will find practically in any Android emulator for PC. It allows you to take screen and video captures, install APKs, multiple sessions and several other things.

3-. Remix OS Player

Some will know Remix OS because it is a desktop operating system based on the Android x86 project. Some personally have had serious problems when tried to install the complete OS, but attentive because it is not necessary to get into so much troubles if all we want to do is to install and try a few apps. Remix OS Player is an emulator based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Windows and Mac that is also free. The only problem is that it is not compatible with all AMD chips.

4-. Genymotion

Genymotion is the perfect app for developers. It allows us to test our apps with different devices and versions of Android, such as a Nexus 6 with Android 6.0 or any combination that comes to mind.


Probably the best paid Android emulator. It comes in 2 flavors: Android Lollipop and Android Jelly Bean, and has a 30-day trial version. AMIDuOS is developed by American Megatrends, and its qualities are those of accepting gamepads and external GPS hardware, a “root mode”, and the possibility of assigning RAM, frames per second and DPI manually.

6-. ARChon

ARChon is a pretty funny emulator, since it works as an extension of Google Chrome. The installation process is a bit more complicated than in an emulator to use, but in its favor has the fact of being compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Android emulator for chrome OS

Today we want to talk about how to emulate Android applications in Chrome OS. This is an excellent method to have everything at hand when we are working on the computer. Using the Android emulator for chrome OS is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that we will give you below.

Android emulator for chrome OS

1-. Update

One of the essential points to enjoy Android applications in Chrome is to have it up to date. You must have at least Chrome 37. So if you have been constantly updating, you will have no problem. One of the main advantages of this trick is that it will work for any operating system of your computer. Because Chrome is basically the same in any of these.

It will also work where you start a session, that is, you will not have to have the same computer all the time. Just the same account. For the update you only have to go to the web page and verify that it is updated. Otherwise, you will have to download it.

2-. ARChon Runtime

This is an alternative version of ARC. This is a software that will allow Android applications to work correctly in Chrome OS. You can easily find it on the web, once you have downloaded it, you must unzip it and install it in Google Chrome. To extract the contents of the file, you can use any of the conventional programs, such as WinRAR or 7zip.

The next step is to enter Settings, select Tools and then Extensions. Once there you must activate the Developer Mode and you will have to add the extension manually. The button that you will have to press is the one that indicates Add Uncompressed Extension.

3-. Compatible applications

As you can imagine, not all Android applications are compatible with Chrome. Not even with Chromebook devices. There are some hidden options that will help you emulate them, but only those that do not need Google Play Services. Currently it is difficult to find them, although Reddit has created a subforum to share the ones that have already been created. Also, in this document you can find several ones, depending on the number of errors they present.

4-. Add the application

The way to add applications to Chrome is the same as in the case of the ARChon Runtime. The file that you download, either from Reddit or from any other website, must be decompressed. Then, add the .apk of the application to the browser as if it was an extension. In the extensions menu, and with the Developer Mode enabled, add the executable of the application. From the moment the browser detects the necessary files, the Android application will appear in Chrome like any other extension.

5-. Emulate your favorite Android application

To emulate Android applications on a PC by following this tutorial, the last step is to go to Settings, then to Extensions. There you will see all the ones you have installed, including the ones you just added.

To run the app, click on Start. Automatically a new pop-up window will open where, if you’ve done everything right, you can play Android games on your computer or use messaging applications.