Android Emulator for PC

When it comes to Android operating system, it is the most used around the world. Its flexibility makes us want to have it on all devices. But, this is impossible if we do not use the right tools, such as an Android Emulator for PC. We will mention and tell you why they are the best emulators on the market.

The best Android Emulator for PC

1-. BlueStacks

Obviously, it has to be in the first place. This is the most known and used emulator around the world, it is also one of the best ways to have the Android operating system on the computer. More than 100 million users constantly use this emulator that was created in 2011. With the simple purpose of using the games and some applications on the computer. You can use it with your Google account and start installing the applications and games you want.

It comes with the Play Store included so you can search and download any of the applications that are available there. The main drawback of BlueStacks is that the screens of most computers, do not have touch screens and many of the applications are not optimized for use with tools such as the keyboard and mouse. Another disadvantage is that you can present a pixelated on the larger screens.

2-. Andy

This is the second most used emulator in the world. The main difference with BlueStacks is that it can be used in both Windows and Mac. Andy gives us the ability to play any game we want from Android on our computer. It also keeps updated, giving us the latest Android features. This is an emulator that basically offers the same thing as BlueStacks. But, with a greater simplicity.

It gives us a wide collection in terms of the compatibility of the games. This is one of the emulators that allow us to use the smartphone as a game control when executing them in the computer. Also it gives us a better gaming experience, with the numerous advantages of the functionalities of the devices. Another of Andy’s newest features is the synchronization between mobile devices and the computer. It also gives us access to local files on Android, the use of hosting in the cloud. And support for console controls of video games as well.


The third and last emulator on our list. AMIDuOS offers us excellent functions. It has the ability to run almost any Android application that is available in stores. Also, it has the support for 3D acceleration, which provides a greater and better experience in the Windows Android games. This is one of the emulators that has more functions available to run Android applications on the computer. It allows you to enjoy an excellent experience, without any gaps in performance. Its disadvantage is that only the first 30 days are available for free and then you must buy the full version for at least $ 10.

So you know, these are the best Android emulators for PC on the market. Which will give you the experience of the operating system with the different functions of the computer.

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